Sunday, March 18, 2012

Characteristics of the Female Orgasme.

There are several characteristics at the time of a woman having an orgasm. It is important to be known by every man, to know if your wife really turned on and reached the peak of pleasure or pretend to be a way to satisfy you.
Sometimes when a woman has really been stimulated to achieve orgasm. Men do not quit and do not give women the opportunity to menikmatiknya. Well if you do not want to be a bad man like that, well, the following characteristics:
1.physical characteristics such as muscle cramps in the leg every 0.7seconds which is felt by the couple. Orgasm also makes the musclespasms in her vagina. This causes the penis as if gripped by thevagina. Plus the uterus will be pushed upward, causing the penissuch as inhaled.
2.The occurrence of flushing. Ie redness in the breast or face.Breathing and heart rate also became faster? Plus if the woman aroused great then he will caress you.The latter usually bother him. Yet when he stroked a climax that is felt by women.

Did you know that women often experience an orgasm in his sex life.Will have the characteristics of youth. While that was never arousedand reaching the climax would be sensitive and irritable.Note about orgasmme:
Remember that women with a sensitivity of passionate, excitingpartner with all the properties and conquered his temper spoiled by the touch of your O house of Adam.